• Found in 2004, MsEnvy is an apparel design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and export company serving fashion retailers brands around the world. The Company has office and factory located in Hong Kong and Guangdong China.

    MSENVY is one of Hong Kong leading silk luxury fashion design and manufacturing company. With a renowned reputation for product quality and workmanship, MSENVY designs and manufactures highly desirable silk fashion products.

    MSENVY products are sold exclusively to different worldwide renowned fashion brands, the current client list including Spain's Roberto Verino, Jota Mas Ge, Japan's Rose Bud, Abiste, Italy's Purificacion Garcia, Blurgirl, Giorgia & John, Russia’s “Zarina”, Greece’s Lussile, Denmark’s Club Collection, Australia’s Picnic, Poland’s Molton, Saudi Arabia’s Femi9, Turkey’s Vakko, Cashmere & Silk.

  • Strength of MsEnvy is that over 90% of its products are designed and manufactured in-house. Besides, through the long years of cooperation with different superior textile printing design house, MsEnvy constantly provides exclusive & spectacular print collections to different customers.

    Since most MsEnvy's products are made by silk, the company is quoted as Eco Supplier for years through Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Based on the trusted ability and expertise to deliver high quality products, HKTDC has recommended MsEnvy to different global media on several occasions.

    Our Specialties

    >> Fashion Design

    >> Garment manufacturing

    >> Silk fashion

    >> International clothing trading

    >> Trading and esport

    >> Silk fabrics

    >> High fashoin

    >> Digltal print fashion

    >> ECO fashion / green fashion


Apparel Design, Development, Sourcing, Manufacturing

MsEnvy is An Apparel Design, Development, Sourcing, Manufacturing,
And Export Company Serving Fashion Retailers Brands Around The World.


Everything we do at msenvy is guided by our vision to ensure that we all go the extra mile to help our customers reach their customers.

At MsEnvy, we are welcoming challenges to foster our creativity. Please inspire us and we to inspire them too.

We have been renowned for the high quality of our silk made clothing, the innovative ideas, the effective co-operation with clients around the world and the ability to tailor our services to each customer’s needs surpassing their expectations.

As a clothing design and manufacturing company, we aim to spread our sustainable concept to our customers, through our design and products, encourage and influence our customers to increase the consumption of natural fabrics in their collection and product range. We aim to increase the market share of natural fabrics in fashion industry.

We are always next to you, full of new ideas, determination and love because we believe in what we do.


We Create Design And Product With Natural Fabrics

Everyone Has A Choice

Everyone Has To Make A Choice Every Day For What They Want To Wear For The Day.

And your choice, even just a simple and weightless choice, in fact has an impact on the environment.

In this world, we have around 7.4 billion population, 7.4 billion pieces of garment will be consumed every day. Would you imagine if just 1% of the population throw away one garment per day, in a year, there is around 890 million garments will be thrown.

Everyone Has A Choice

Within these 890 million pieces unwanted garments, assume just 25% of them are made by natural fabrics, remaining 75% are made by synthetic (non-natural, plastic) fabrics, then, the number of these plastic garments will be around 668 million pieces per year.

Above assumption actually is in a very conservative assumption, we believe the numbers should be higher. What our earth would do for these garments? The answer is nothing really it can do, because they are non-natural, and the soil can’t absorb them, they just out there inside the land, or in somewhere of the planet.

Except the huge negative impact on our environmental, in fact, synthetic fabric is no good for human body, it is a common knowledge that polyester is the worst fabric, it is made from synthetic polymers that are made from esters of dihydric alcohol and terepthalic and acid.

Fashion Basically Is A Daily Consume Product. If We Manage Well The Creation Of It, Our Earth Will Have A Big Difference.

Sometimes we need to look farer future for our environment, this moment everything is fine because we still have resources. To cure the problem from the high consumption of synthetic fabrics, fundamentally the fashion industry need to make adjustment for creating natural fabric fashion in lower cost, and reduce the use of synthetic fabric.

The recycling of synthetic fabric is difficult and take million years for the earth to digest them, although natural fabric is higher cost, but it avoids health risk, and our earth can easily absorb and reproduce it without much difficult.


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