MsEnvy have been manufacturing and exporting pure silk garments to worldwide fashion brands since 2006. We are one of Hong Kong leading silk luxury fashion design and manufacturing company. Our extensive global client base from all different medium to high end fashion brands are a proof of our professionalism in Silk Apparel.

Our knowledge in silk fabric is deep and wide.

We know well different types of silk fabric

Our office has silk fabric books, covered over 100 different kinds of silk fabric types. Some most commonly silk fabric kind like silk crepe, silk chiffon, silk satin, silk crinkle, we have over 100 colors each kind for customer to pick from the Silk Fabric Books.

MsEnvy most commonly used typesof silk

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    Silk crepe (Crepe de chine)

    Features:Silk crepe has the youngest look of silk. It is matt finishing with very subtle puckered surface.

    Silk crepe is one of the most popular silk kind in MsEnvy.

    The reason is it has the youngest look, mostly non transparency when reach 12mm, customer can order a pure silk made garment without mixing polyester lining, pure nature in the whole piece. In summer, it is the most wearable silk kind, it is also the easiest kind to be take care of, due to the structure and surface finishing, it is less easy to occur damage or yarn drawn out when compare with silk chiffon or silk satin.

    Most silk shirts are made by the silk crepe, generally we use 12mm weight, this weight is the most common weight as well, we can see most low to medium fashion label use this weight of silk crepe.

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    The thickness of it is not completely non-transparency if in white or light colors, but if in dark colors, it is non-transparency. This is the cheapest and the least mm (weight) to achieve a non-transparency thickness of silk crepe.

    Normally if we use 12mm silk crepe, we can avoid to use lining for a top or shirt, if it is a dress, a lining is needed if in light colors. For Medium to high-end fashion labels, we use 14mm to 16mm silk crepe, the cost of them has quite a big difference when compare with 12mm, even though just 2mm to 4mm difference, but since there are lesser customers producing these weights of silk crepe, so the market supply is not too much as 12mm, and cost difference are comparably big due to lesser supply and demand. Only few mills or silk suppliers provide 14mm or 16mm color cards with available stocks, and even they have the color cards, it provides only around 20 to 40 colors options with available stocks.

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    The main difference for 14mm or 16mm silk crepe compare with 12mm silk crepe, is if it is in white or light color, it is still non-transparency. For some fashion labels if their customer can afford higher price point, 14mm silk crepe supposedly is the best weight for a silk shirt. And 16mm silk crepe for a dress even in white or light colors, there is no need for lining as well.

    In MsEnvy: MsEnvy has over 600 color options of 12mm silk crepe for customers to create their own collection, all with available stock.

    Common weights we use: 12mm (with colorcards), 12mm sandwashed effect (with colorcards), 14mm(with colorcards), , 14mm sandwashed effect (with colorcards), 16mm(with colorcards), 16mm sandwashed effect (with colorcards).

    Popular styles for crepe: Shirt, top, dress, skirt, and pants, jumpsuit. It is the only silk kind which suitable for most styles.

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    Silk chiffon

    Features:The lightness and effortless of silk chiffon is incomparable. It is sheer and transparency with luxe and shine reflection on surface.

    In MsEnvy:Silk Chiffon is our very widely used silk kind. Basically most of our customers order silk chiffon in every summer. we have over 600 color options of silk chiffon for our customers. Most of them have available stock. We mainly use 6mm weight silk chiffon for our customers, it is the most common weight of silk chiffon for general customers.

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    Common weights we use: 6mm silk chffon(with colorcards), 8mm silk chffon(with colorcards).

    Most popular styles for silk satin: Maxi dress, cocktail dress, printed dress, lined blouse. Customers from Greece and Turkey especially like to use printed silk chiffon for Kaftan and Tunic.

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    Silk Satin

    Features:Silk Satin is the most luxury fabric. The touching is rich and luxury. The shininess is deep, it has the best drape effect on body, lay naturally on skin with feminine touch. Any woman looks beautiful in Silk Satin. It is the best fabric for cocktail or event dress.

    In MsEnvy:We use 16mm silk satin for customer generally. It is also the most common weight for silk satin. We have over 400 color options for silk satin with available stocks.

    Common weights we use: 12mm satin satin (with colorcards), 16mm satin satin (with colorcards), 16mm sandwashed silk satin (with colorcards). 16mm stretch silk satin (with colorcards), 19mm sandwashed silk satin (with colorcards)

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    Most popular styles for silk satin: Dress, top, fashion sport jacket and t-shirt (printed front panel only).

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    Silk crinkle

    Features:Silk Crinkle has a crinkle effect on surface, transparency, a little matt finishing and less shine as silk chiffon. It has younger and causaler look than silk chiffon. Silk crinkle and silk chiffon sometimes will be compared because the nature of them are very similar.

    For customer who want to have a basic, down-to-earth look or less glamour look, they will pick silk crinkle instead of silk chiffon for their design, mainly because the sheer, shininess and color brightness of crinkle is lesser than chiffon.

    To make a simple explanation about the application of these two fabrics: our Copenhagen customer especially like to use silk crinkle for their dress, they like plain color.

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    Our Japan customer like to use chiffon for their dress, they like printed silk dress.

    If the design is for a decent and low profile look, silk crinkle is a good choice among the silk kinds. And due to the effortless for ironing the fabric (it is crinkle already!), bohemian design style is very suitable for this fabric as well.

    In MsEnvy: The color options for 6mm silk crinkle over 500 hundreds, all with available stocks. We use 5.5mm to 6mm silk crinkle generally.

    Silk weights we use: 5.5mm silk crinkle (with colorcards), 8mm silk crinkle (with colorcards), 16mm silk crinkle (with colorcards)

    Most popular styles for silk crinkle: Dress, top, Kaftan, Tunic, Scarf.

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    Silk cotton

    Features:Cotton Silk is lightweight, absorbent and soft. The composition proportion mix is 30% silk and 70% cotton. Normally we use 12mm weight of it.

    We believe silk cotton is the most sustainable silk type in the future, pure silk is expensive, the supply of it is less due to the sericulture production is unique and rare. But the nature and strength of silk is unbeatable, to balance the cost and remain the fullness of its nature fabric composition, silk cotton is our best choice to make silk fibers more down-to-earth.

    And in fact, silk cotton has its own strengths. Firstly, silk cotton has most unique strengths of silk, but the body of the fabric is not too drape, some dress design if we need to have a firm fitting shape but still remain the softness of the hand feeling, silk cotton can obtain this effect.

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    Besides, it just has subtle shine on surface, so for informal day dress, or younger look causal styles, its unique features can carry out some styles very well.

    The most advantage of it is the cost of silk cotton, it is much cheaper than pure silk, just reasonably higher than pure cotton, the relatively low price range for silk cotton is very acceptable for mass market, especially since it is premium natural fabric.

    In MsEnvy: MsEnvy started to promote silk cotton styles to customer since 2014. Our customers’ order quanitity on silk order is increasing. We normally use 12mm silk cotton for our designs. For 12mm silk cotton, we have over 400 color options for customer, all with available stocks.

    Silk weights we use: 9mm silk cotton (with colorcards), 12mm silk cotton(with colorcards), 16mm silk cotton (with colorcards), 25mm silk cotton (with colorcards)

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    Most popular styles for silk cotton: dress, top, shirt, pants, skirt.

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    Silk Satin Organza

    Features:Silk Satin Organza has a satin surface, luxe shine, but the handfeeling is firm like organza, normal they are 12mm, non-transparency, silk organza is good for cocktail or event dress. It is a more formal type of silk kind. Printing on Silk satin organza is exceptional fine-looking, because the fineness and firmness of the fabric.

    the artwork can show fully if the style is in simple shape, we can see the very details of the artworks from the fabric even when wearing it.

    In MsEnvy:Since 2014, we produce a lot silk satin organza for our global customers, the demand for it is keep increasing, we mainly use 12mm silk satin organza for printed day dress and printed cocktail dress.

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    Our color cards for silk satin organza is over 100 color options, all with available stocks.

    Silk weights we use: 12mm silk satin organza (with colorcards)

    Most popular styles for silk satin organza: Different kinds of printed dress.

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    Silk Habotai

    Features:Silk Habotai is semi-shimmer, soft and smooth on surface, little firm on fabric body, 12mm is the commonly used weight.

    Silk Habotai is a silk kind can carry out modern style very well, it is soft but drapability is lesser than typical silk kinds (crepe, chiffon etc), this fabric is especially good for making or modern cut styles or T shirt.

    In MsEnvy:We use silk habotai mainly for printed T-shirt, top, dress, and jacket. Mainly use 12mm silk habotai.

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    Silk Weights we use: u10mm silk habotai (with color cards), 12mm silk habotai (with color cards), 14mm silk habotai (with color cards), 16mm silk habotai (with color cards), 16mm sandwashed silk habotai (with color cards).

    Most popular styles for silk habotai: T-shirt, top, dress, and jacket.

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all can provide colorcards with available stocks

Code Silk Types Mommes available
Z1 Silk Georgette 8mm 10mm        
Z2 Silk Crepe 12mm 14mm 14mm sandwashed 16mm 16mm sandwashed 19mm
Z4 Silk Habotai 10mm 12mm 14mm 14mm sandwashed 16mm 16mm sandwashed
Z5 Silk Charmeuse 10mm 12mm        
Z6 Silk Cotton 9mm 12mm 16mm      
Z7 Silk Organza 5.5mm 12mm Satin face        
Z8 Silk Linen 14mm          
Z9 Silk Bamboo 12mm          
Z11 Silk Jacquard 19mm          
Z13 Silk satin 12mm 16mm 16mm sandwashed 19mm     
Z14 Silk Dupioni 16mm           
Z15 Silk Twill 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm    
Z16 Silk Chiffon 6mm 8mm        
Z18 Silk Velvet 16mm            
Z35 Silk Crinkle 6mm 8mm 16mm      


We constantly explore and develop new silk types for our customers, every year we introduce at least one
new silk type to our customer and their market.


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