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Brand we worked for

Brand we worked for 1

We have worked for over 500 fashion brands over the last 14 years across 30 countries. Our customer list proves our ability and quality. Many of our customers have relationship with us over 10 years, work with us continuously for every season.

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Strength of Sample development 2

Strength of Sample

Sample development by in house fashion designer

Our sample development is handled by in-house fashion designer, not merchandiser. Our merchandisers are responsible for the information translate and communication to our customer during the sampling stage. But the creation of the sample is proceeded by our designers.

Our fashion designers are responsible for the whole sample development process, so to make sure the sample are made with sense of beauty. Our designers refine the detail works for the samples. For the fabric sourcing process, also is directly handled by designers, so to provide the fabric selections to our customer with the best choices from the market.

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Strength of Sample development
Knowledgeable of Fabric 3

Knowledgeable of

We have strong knowledge of different kind of natural and man-made fabrics, our sourcing team is based in China Dongguan office, we source the fabric directly from the mills or china fabric market, so to source the fabric at the lowest possible cost we would get and provide a most competitive price for our customers.

Since we source fabrics frequently in the market, we can obtain the latest kind of fabrics and offer them to our customers regularly. Our customers would get the first hand news about what fabrics are newly released in the market.

It is important to know the new fabric kinds early, and obtain them in competitive price range in this changing fashion industry.

Knowledgeable of Fabric
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We design and produce clothing styles from modern simple to complicated fittings. Product ranges cover smart causal, resort, daywear, to cocktail wear. We good in silk clothing, but we also do a lot different fabrics as well. We can take care the full range of product development.

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Silk Apparel Specialist 5

Silk Apparel

Silk Apparel Specialist

MsEnvy most strength product is pure silk made garment.

We specialize in silk fabric apparel design and production. It is well known and recognized by most of our customers. Most of our established customers order silk apparels from us in every season.

Our knowledge in silk fabric is deep and wide, if our customer intend to develop a specific silk style, they will send us the swatches and style they want, within two weeks we would make it in real sample to them. As long as it is silk fabric, we would source it to our customer in the most competitive price, we produce the fabric directly through mills in China, there is no middle fabric supplier in the process.

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Wide selection of Exclusive Prints 6

Wide selection of
Exclusive Prints

Every month we have at least over 50 new silk prints to our customer for selection, most are digital prints, over the season (6 months), we offer at least 300 prints to our customers. All our prints are completely new and exclusive, customers would select the print which fit their collection for further development and production, and we will offer the exclusivity of the print rights to their country when the order quantity is reached a certain quantity.

Wide selection of Exclusive Prints
Garment Finishing Techniques and Details 7

Garment Finishing
Techniques and Details

Since we are strong in producing silk garment, the garments in silk are required with the finest workmanship and finishing techniques, so for the garment finishing workmanship, our customers are generally trusted our choice for them. We produce different kind of garments in different fabrics with the finest workmanship which suitable for the style.

At the same time, we try new garment techniques as well in sampling stage in some cases, if our designer think the new technique is better than the old, we will suggest to our customer for a better effect.

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Customers’ Trust is always our Priority 8

Customers’ Trust is
always our Priority

Our product quality is always trusted by our customer. Most of our customers are old customers with relationship over 10 years. We provide the professional service and deliver quality products to our customer on a timely basis.

If there is any dissatisfaction about our products, we always accept return for amend or refund, we responsible for every product we made and seek for long term relationship with every customer. Having our customers’ trust has always been important for MsEnvy.

Garment Finishing Techniques and Details